sustainable design
in action

BMW Group Canada

BMW Corporate Head Office

Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

Role: LEED® NC Consultant,
65,000 square feet
energy savings 38%
reduction water use 40%
construction waste diverted 82%
spaces access daylight 75%
recycled content 20%

BMW Group Canada

Pursuing LEED® Silver certification is BMW's goal for its built environment, reflecting their
forward thinking philosophy, brand image, and commitment to employees and the community. Responding to their business requirements, the building will: increase human comfort, acknowledge green value, provide maximum flexibility and build the corporate brand.
Unique to the BMW mandate is the priority on energy conservation, utilizing green building materials, water efficiency and waste reduction:
  • energy efficiency 30%
  • potable water savings 40%
  • construction waste diversion from landfill 82%
Commencing with a feasibility analysis Ecovert highlights the optimal LEED® strategy for an energy- and resource-efficient building inclusive of a comprehensive review of all design and permit drawings. Together, the design team and Ecovert challenge processes and material selection for high-impact energy performance measurements needed to offset the impact of a building which features a high ratio of window to wall. Numerous design improvements were included, featuring improved building envelope performance, exterior sunshades, automated blinds and a highly effective building automation system.
Continuous focus on improving human comfort is a priority. Ecovert endorses research that confirms that increases in productivity and reduced absenteeism are related in large part to the working environment. BMW employees and visitors alike will benefit from specific innovations:
  • operable windows throughout the building
  • individual control of temperature settings
  • access to natural daylight throughout each floor
  • automated blinds to reduce glare
The net result is a building that mirrors BMW's engineering and design approach to cars—an uncompromising balance between technological advancements, and human safety and comfort.