sustainable design
in action

Queen Richmond Centre

Banff Transit

Toronto, ON, Canada

Role: LEED® NC Consultants,
300,000 square feet
energy savings 50%
reduction water use 30%
construction waste diverted 75%
spaces access daylight 75%
recycled content 20%

Queen Richmond Centre

Pursuing LEED® Gold certification for this landmark development is an Ecovert priority. Located in one of Toronto’s most concentrated downtown west neighborhoods Queen Richmond Centre (QRC) is the model of urban intensification. It features the modernization of a historic building together with the construction of a new tower, further building the dynamics of this connected urban scene. There are numerous shops and café society living in the area and it’s less than an eight-minute walk to subway stations, streetcars, the underground walkways, GO Trains/Buses, Via Rail and the Toronto Island Airport bus. All of these attributes support LEED Gold certification and make QRC a healthy and sustainable work environment, reducing absenteeism, increasing employee productivity and improving employee attraction and retention. QRC offers tenants the best of everything downtown and reduces the carbon footprint of tenants living and working in the area.
Ecovert’s analysis identifies opportunities to maximize the project’s LEED potential and identifies the associated cost and process implementations required to ensure Queen Richmond Centre is a better work environment. Ultimately, LEED certification is supported by green building product selection. The built environment provides:
  • Improved indoor air quality due to pressurized raised floor system
  • Maximum employee comfort due to individual temperature and ventilation controls and re-locatable air diffusers
  • Easy access to fresh air via operable windows throughout, without compromising the HVAC system
  • Recessed perimeter heating throughout creating more useable space and full-height windows
  • Abundant natural light throughout due to 10'-8" high floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Reduced glare on workstations due to indirect lighting and interior automated light shelves which adjust to maximize natural light penetration
  • Reduced operating costs due to “next-generation” building technology platform
  • Reduced energy and resource costs due to lighting strategy and underfloor air distribution approach, cooling from the green roof installation and water-conserving fixtures
Ecovert plays an instrumental role in collaborating and orchestrating the professionals involved to ensure all components of the design are aligned with LEED® certification criteria. Continuous engagement with the owner representative helps establish expectations and assess the development scope of work including budgets and schedules. Commencing with the development of the LEED® NC Credit Checklist, Ecovert reviews each credit available, highlights related costs and reports on the efforts associated with obtaining each credit and an action plan for implementation.