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Town of Banff

Banff Transit

Roam: Hybrid Transit System
Banff, AB, Canada

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Town of Banff

Achieving a new, environmentally innovative public transit system in the Town of Banff commenced with the purchase of four Nova diesel-electric hybrid buses. The aim of these new buses is to increase ridership, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support the Town of Banff’s Environmental Stewardship Policy—to nurture a sustainable community with a balanced approach to social and economic development.
Unique to the Roam transit fleet solution is the synergy of using sustainable technologies that both reduce fuel consumption and emissions while providing user-friendly features that encourage residents and visitors to park their cars and Roam.
Commencing with greenhouse gas emissions analysis, Ecovert identified the benefits to be measured, defined the indicators, set targets and established a baseline to confirm and quantify actual GHG reductions. Banff is the first municipality in Canada to have an all-hybrid technology transit fleet running on a B5 biodiesel fuel/electricity mix.
Continuous collaboration with the Town of Banff is essential. Ecovert designed a data collection strategy and an analytical data process that confirm, since the launch of the Roam transit system, the Town of Banff has realized an increase in ridership of over 100% and experienced a 43% reduction in GHG emissions.
The program’s success has been recognized by the Alberta Emerald Foundation which commends organizations for excellence in environmental leadership.