sustainable design
in action

Earth Rangers

Earth Rangers Centre

Education Facility &
Wildlife Centre
Woodbridge, ON, Canada

Role: LEED® EBOM Consultant,
62,000 square feet

increase_energy_efficiency 79%
waste_water_treatment 100%
 ongoing_consumables_diverted 70%
low_mercury_lighting 90%

Earth Rangers

Achieving LEED® Platinum certification under the LEED® EBOM framework for the education and animal care facility was the first of many priorities.
The Earth Rangers facility utilizes pioneering sustainable technologies and serves as a global demonstration site for commercial green building technologies. On the leading edge, Earth Rangers recently completed a geothermal technology installation along with a photovoltaic array in addition to their pre-exisiting energy saving/producing features. With the help of earth tubes, radiant concrete slabs, displacement ventilation, grey-water recycling, solar hot water panels and a 28kW photovoltaic array the facility consumes 79% less power than a typical building. With the new installations Earth Rangers hopes to become a net zero energy building.
Unique to this built environment, the majority of LEED® credits are being targeted under the EBOM framework. Commencing with a comprehensive assessment that is focused on targeting every credit and strategy for total compliance, Ecovert established the timeline for moving forward with certification.
Continuous priorities and undertakings include advising on policy and infrastructure changes to ensure the facility continues to compliment the LEED® certification. Working with the client's culture and existing process, Ecovert developed the key policies and tracking mechanisms deemed appropriate for LEED® EBOM, including Green Housekeeping, Green Procurement and Green Construction and Renovation.
The Earth Ranger facility provides an excellent example of what the cost-effective implementation of green building technology and processes can bring to an organization.