sustainable design
in action


UrbanCorp—Westside Gallery Lofts

The Curve Residential Condominium Toronto, ON, Canada

Role: LEED® NC Consultant,
500,000 square feet.

energy_savings 45%
heat_savings_geothermal 50%
reduction_water_use 40%
construction_materials_sourced_locally 40%


LEED® Silver certification commenced with a feasibility study for the proposed residential condominium development. Ecovert's analysis identified opportunities to maximize the project's LEED® potential and identified the associated cost and process implementations.
Unique to this development is the inclusion of a comprehensive geothermal system that has been designed to provide 50% of the building's heating and 70% of it's cooling requirements. This bold initiative is proof that the public is engaged and receptive to green condominiums. In return, condo owners are investing in a building that is ideally positioned for the future by reducing dependency on volatile utility rates.
Ecovert plays an instrumental role in collaborating and orchestrating the professionals involved to ensure all components of the design are aligned with LEED® certification criteria. Continuous engagement with the owner representative helps establish expectations and assess the development scope of work including budgets and schedules. Commencing with the development of the LEED® NC Credit Checklist, Ecovert reviews each credit available, highlights related costs and reports on the efforts associated with obtaining each credit and an action plan for implementation.
The LEED® NC categories include:
  • sustainable sites
  • water efficiency
  • energy and atmosphere
  • material and resources
  • indoor environment quality
  • innovation in operations and upgrades
Continuous collaboration with the design professionals is essential. Ecovert's advice provides the objective thinking and tactical techniques required to achieve LEED® certification.