Utilize software tools to assess how design decisions impact energy performance

energy modelling / building performance

Maximizing efficiencies and cost effectiveness requires tools that quantifiably measure the energy savings of a building, its impact and the various alternatives for optimizing green building design and effective sustainability.
Ecovert utilizes energy modelling software that compares current building design and operations with various energy-saving scenarios. Energy simulations are used to evaluate potential design alternatives during the concept design phase. In addition, they help with understanding the financial and energy impacts of the proposed changes to the building.
Several modelling software programs can be used to create energy simulations—they evaluate changes in lighting, HVAC and building envelope. Programs available through Ecovert include:
  • Advisory Services
  • EE4
  • eQUEST
  • IES Virtual Environment
  • Energy Star
Ecovert provides energy modelling reports confirming compliance with the Toronto Green Development Standard, OBC-SB 10, High Performance New Construction incentive program, and for LEED®. Energy modelling results facilitate benchmarking a building’s performance against other buildings.
Energy Modelling Projects
351 King East, Toronto - Targeting LEED CS Gold
351 King East
Targeting LEED CS Gold
7100 West Credit Avenue, Mississauga - Targeting LEED CS Gold
7100 West Credit Avenue
Achieved LEED CS Gold
Siemens Head Office - 1577 North Service Road, Oakville - Targeting LEED CI GOLD
Siemens Head Office
Targeting LEED CI Gold
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