We can tailor and modify services to best suit the size and complexity of your business

sustainability management

A comprehensive process, Eco-Symphony is designed to assist companies in developing and managing corporate stewardship objectives. The process starts with a detailed analysis of all facets of a company's business operations. Such analysis provides companies with a clearer understanding of their operations social and environmental impact, ultimately providing the jumping off point for new corporate stewardship initiatives. Eco-Symphony highlights opportunities to minimize environmental impact, identifies areas of excessive waste and helps companies to realize increased efficiencies and cost savings.
Eco-Symphony is a customizable service; we can tailor and modify services to best suit the size and complexity of your business.
Services include:
  • Corporate Stewardship
  • ISO 14000
  • Training and Seminars
  • Occupant Information Packages and Employee Newsletters

greenhouse gas reporting

Designed to help organizations mitigate the effects of climate change and gain a competitive advantage in the emerging low-carbon economy our carbon performance services help organizations of all shapes and sizes measure, monitor and manage their carbon footprints. From ground-zero to carbon neutrality, we provide third party validation of your results and progress.
Services include:
  • Advisory Services
  • GHG Calculations
  • GHG Verification: perform footprint analysis
  • GHG Action Plans: emissions reduction management planning
  • Education and Training

SMaRT© certification

Get the product recognition you deserve with SMaRT© Certification, an international and objective certification process. Manufacturers, distinguish your products from green washing. In December 2006 the Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability (MTS), a registered US charity, launched the Sustainable Materials and Rating Technology (SMaRT©) a voluntary, consensus-based, and market-driven rating system for products. It encourages owners and manufacturers of products to implement sustainable design and manufacturing practices and to reduce the environmental impact of their products over their functional life-cycles. Today, companies such as Knoll, Milliken, Forbo, Eaton and Philips embrace SMaRT© certification.
The Canada Green Building Council has approved an innovation credit for projects that utilize SMaRT©certified materials for 2.5% of their construction budget. The SMaRT© for Building Products system addresses safety for public health and environment, renewable energy use, bio-based or recycled material content, facility management, and end-of-life waste stream. Based on existing and proven technology, they evaluate environmental performance from a whole product perspective over a product’s life cycle, providing a definitive standard for what constitutes a green product in design, manufacture, and operation. Ecovert is the SMaRT© Certification go-to organization in Canada. On behalf of our clients we assess product prerequisites, and review optional credits and possible categories to achieve SMaRT© Certification. We have the largest number of SMaRT© accredited professionals in the country.
MTS performs an independent review of a product’s formal submissions and assigns a certification level based on the total point score. There are four possible levels of certification: Sustainable, Silver, Gold and Platinum. SMaRT© comprises nine prerequisites and 162 optional credits, which form the Rating system’s core criteria and define the performance requirements. Prerequisites and credits are organized into five categories:
  • Safe for Public Health and Environment
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Reduction
  • Biobased or Recycled Materials
  • Facility and Company-Based Attributes
  • Reclamation, Sustainable Reuse and End-of-Life Management
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